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Debbie and John

Who Are We

John and Debbie, parents to two lively toddlers, are the founders of Memories Out Loud. By trade, John is an engineer and Debbie an IT consultant. They created Memories Out Loud to help people capture loving memories at weddings with their audio guestbook phones. Their goal is to make the audio guestbook phone process fast and convenient, allowing customers to focus on enjoying their special day.
John and Debbie
Debbie and John chose a traditional guestbook for their wedding, but out of hundreds of guests, they ended up with only a few signatures and many empty pages. The guestbook’s location is now unknown. They knew there had to be a better way! Thus, their idea for an audio guestbook phone service for weddings was born.
John and Debbie on wedding day

When Debbie's younger sister was planning her wedding, they discussed what worked and what could have been different for Debbie and John. The guestbook was a hot topic. Should she get a frame for guests to sign? A traditional guestbook? Debbie wanted her to have something better, something more fun and memorable.

Debbie brought the idea of an audio guestbook phone to John. John, being great at all things techy, agreed to build one for her.

After a few meetings of the minds (and QC Department approval, aka Debbie), their first audio guestbook phone was ready for its wedding debut.

Rotary phone at a wedding table
The audio guestbook phone was such a hit that John and Debbie decided to create more for weddings, helping others capture their "Memories Out Loud" with audio guestbook phones
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